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Greetings! Now, this document isn’t pretty. Sue me. Do you want real tangible actionable information or do you want icons and pictures with a vague helping kind of sort of advice? If you want pretty and empty than put this down, step back, and just walk away… Knowledge isn’t for everybody and it might just not be for you either.

I assume you are still reading. Nice to meet you. I really like your sense of fashion, it is very authentic and your hair is particularly radiant.
You want to start a business. You came to the right place. I am your host; black ink on white background.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are a breed in and of themselves. People will hate you with a passion, people will take your dreams and ideas and spit on them, they will say that that dress makes you look fat, and you know what, they are going to love every second of it. Why? People are petty, they don’t want you to do what they themselves cannot do. They do not understand. They don’t. What you are doing is alien to them. Completely bonkers. Every step you take toward being an entrepreneur is going to confirm to them that you might have sniffed a little too much cement glue when you were in school. Can’t blame you though, the stuff smelt great.

Your only friends, truly, are entrepreneurs and small business owners. They understand that the struggle is real, they understand how to think the way that you think. People who do not embrace your independent life choices are not people you want to be around. There is something to be said about friends being honest, or trying to be real, but it is a horse of a different color when they relish in naysaying everything that you do.

I say all this because I want you to drop all your preconceived notions on being an entrepreneur. In short, your closest allies are your competition. The people that will help you the most are your direct competitors.


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